is the original screenwriter of the Warner Bros.  film
a Billboard Top Ten Video Hit


His screenplays also have been acquired by:

Robert Redford/Wildwood Productions – Orion – Kings Road Entertainment and Cine Artists/Viacom.

He recently completed the screenplay adaptation of the critically acclaimed novel, MENDEL’S DWARF, to be produced by Barwood Films, with Barbra Streisand as Executive Producer.

His screenplay, PUBLICITY STUNT, represented by CAA, written with Chris Lemmon and Gina Raymond, will be directed by Joel Zwick (MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING).

Formerly a Columbia Pictures Story Analyst, he also is the author of The Lennon Factor (Stein & Day/LSC Publishers), and Images (Nash Publishing).


“A richly illustrated piece. The character is finely crafted and serves the screenplay well…a provocative read.”
Deborah Newmyer – Amblin Entertainment. Producers of: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial * Back to the Future * Poltergeist * Jurassic Park, * Schindler’s List * Men in Black * Twister * Saving Private Ryan * Minority Report * Catch Me If You Can * War of the Worlds * Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull * Lincoln * Jurassic World (2015).

” A very interesting screenplay…well-written, with good characters.”
Richard D. Zanuck – Producer of: The Sting * Jaws * The Verdict * Cocoon * Driving Miss Daisy * Planet of the Apes * Charlie and the Chocolate Factory * Sweeney Todd * The Book of Eli * Alice in Wonderland * Dark Shadows.

“The writing is first rate.”
Laurence Mark – Producer of: As Good As It Gets * Jerry Maguire * Working Girl * I, Robot * Dreamgirls * Julie and Julia * The Greatest Showman on Earth.

“We really enjoyed Paul’s writing.”
Roger Birnbaum – Co-Chairman/CEO MGM Studios – Producer of: The Sixth Sense * Rush Hour * Seabiscuit * 27 Dresses * Wanted * G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra * The Tourist * G.I. Joe: Retaliation * Robocop.

“I have a lot of respect for Paul’s writing, and would be happy to read more of his work..”
Wendy Finerman – Producer of: Forrest Gump * The Fan * I Like It Like That * Stepmom * Drumline * The Devil Wears Prada.

“A compelling read.”
Stacey Snider – Co-Chairman, DreamWorks SKG.

“I had the pleasure of reading your screenplay GIRLBOT. The great comedic timing and thrilling action sequences combined wonderfully to make a fast-paced story that had me turning the page every few seconds. The relationship between Emma and Novak is touching and well developed.”
Heather Hutt – Gunn Films. Producers of: Freaky Friday * The Haunted Mansion * Sky High * College Road Trip * Bedtime Stories * Race to Witch Mountain.

“Mr Young is a very fine writer.”
Ned Tanen – Former President of Production, Universal Pictures; Paramount Pictures.

“We remain impressed with Paul’s versatility and hope we can find a way to work together…in the near future.”
Catherine Boyer – Atlas/Mosaic Entertainment
Producers of: City of Angels * Three Kings * Scooby-Doo * Batman Begins * The Dark Knight * Man of Steel * American Hustle * Warcraft.

“An interesting story with fascinating central characters.”
Robert Rehme – Producer of : The Saint * Clear and Present Danger * Patriot Games * The Hunt for Red October * The General’s Daughter * The Sum of All Fears * Lost in Space * Gods and Generals.

“Fresh and imaginative…a perfect balance between the comedy and the drama that made the story real.”
Edward McDonnell – Witt-Thomas Films. Producers of: Three Kings * Dead Poets Society * Final Analysis * Shanghai Knights * Racing Stripes * Eagle Eye * Prisoners * Sicario.

“The characters are wonderful.”
Nana Greenwald – President, Creative Affairs – Kopelson Entertainment – Producers of: Platoon * Seven * The Fugitive * Outbreak * Falling Down * U.S. Marshals * The Devil’s Advocate * Don’t Say a Word * Joe Somebody * Twisted.

“Paul has done a very good job with the screenplay adaptation.”
John Watson – Trilogy Entertainment. Producers of: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves * Backdraft * Blown Away * The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys * Carrie *

“Paul is a fine writer, and I hope we find something to work on together.”
David Ladd – Former Executive Vice-President of Production – MGM Pictures.

“A well laid out and tragic story with intriguing subject matter.”
Janet Yang – Producer of : The Joy Luck Club * The People vs Larry Flynt * Zero Effect * High Crimes.

“Paul Young is a wonderful writer.”
Peter Saphier – Co-producer of: Scarface.

“Paul Young is a thorough and talented writer.”
Paul R. Gurian – Producer of: Peggy Sue Got Married *Arizona Dream * The Seventh Sign.

“Paul is a very gifted writer with a lot of soul.”
Susan Zachary – Executive Vice-President, Production – Rosemont Productions – Producers of: The Secret Garden * Riders of the Purple Sage * High Noon * The Wool Cap.