An intensive 15-20 page analysis of a screenplay that evaluates its strengths and weaknesses, provides detailed solutions for all creative problems, and supplies a range of development proposals that functions as a guide through the revision process.

This guarantees the best possible script in the minimum number of drafts, and ensures that screenplays will not be submitted or go into production with hidden or unresolved creative limitations.
Constructive, exhaustive, and uncompromising, the analysis contains an in-depth evaluation of all major script elements, and includes extensive scene-by-scene and line-by-line notes. Areas include:

* STORY: Plot, sub-plots, and story dynamics – story holes – narrative drive, logic, and focus – momentum – pace – theme –   subject matter – freshness – narrative and dramatic power.

* CHARACTERS: Dimensionality – motivation conflicts and crises – change and development – uniqueness – style – vitality – dramatic impact – power of the relationships.

* STRUCTURE: Scene/segment/act construction – scene order and linkage – act breaks – transitions and turning points – key scenes and moments – rhythm and balance.

* DIALOGUE: Creativity – intelligence – depth – economy – style – humor – originality.

* REVISION PROPOSALS: Story changes and development – restructuring the screenplay – strengthening weak scenes and segments – sharpening narrative focus – adding humor – trimming and centering the film.

Enhancing character development – intensifying character power and appeal – strengthening leading roles – shaping roles for stars.
Detailed dialogue notes – focusing story and character arcs – heightening suspense and action – maximizing emotional impact – emphasizing marketing factors – unity and power of the whole.

(includes 1 hr. telephone story conference)


A 5-10 page analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a screenplay. Provides solutions for all major problems, and general guidelines for revisions. Includes OVERVIEW, STORY, CHARACTERS, and PAGE NOTES.

(includes 1 hr. telephone story conference)


A one-hour conference (personal/telephone) in which IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS of a completed screenplay is provided, problems are identified and solved, and specific guidelines for revisions proposed. Includes all areas covered in SCRIPT NOTES.


An in-depth 15-20 page breakdown of a novel, biography, or other literary work that analyzes its strengths and weaknesses as source material for a motion picture and outlines the most effective approach to the script.

Closely following the form of the screenplay analysis, it covers all areas of the material including: Characters – story lines – structure – narrative drive – dialogue – theme – subject matter – emotional power – marketplace elements.



Specific emphasis on: Identifying characters and events that serve the needs of the screenplay and those which must be cut, rewritten, or added.

  • Creating exciting screen characters from literary figures and images.
  • Developing a film-driven narrative.
  • Turning literary events into film drama, comedy, and action.
  • Dramatizing inner conflict.
  • Translating the spirit of the source material into the language of film.


A comprehensive 15-20-page analysis of a novel or other literary work that reviews all its major elements, including characters, relationships, story, structure, subject matter and themes, as well as literary style, emotional power and marketability.

Identical in form to the screenplay analysis, it provides an in-depth evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the material, detailed solutions for all creative problems, and chapter-by-chapter notes, ensuring the best possible manuscript for submission to literary agents and/or publishers.

(includes 1 hr. telephone story conference)

Book editing services also available.


A one-hour consultation (personal/telephone) in which clients’ STORY IDEAS are analyzed and those with the maximum marketplace potential identified. One or more then can be developed until all major story and character elements have been established, prior to beginning the first draft.



Creative elements analyzed in extensive detail.
Development problems identified and solved.
In-depth feedback during revisions, including dialogue polishing.
Complete script development – from original idea to final draft


Logline, 1-2-page synopsis, 1-2-page comments and box score. Identical to Studio Coverage but with added creative input.

Two pages of development notes – no synopsis.